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The best way to promote your properties

An innovative interior design service entirely online which, thanks to advanced 3D technologies, will allow you to view a property, its peculiarities and its strengths in order to promote it in the best possible way. To get a new project just follow a few simple steps.

Never ending quest for perfection and always on the lookout for original ideas.

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HomeLab Milan meets at  needs of the real estate market, invested by a moment of strong conversion to digital, offering a service designed specifically for real estate agencies and promoters, which allows you to quickly receive renders and the virtual tour of an empty space - enriched only with finishes -  or fully furnished, depending on the  needs  and the marketing strategy you choose to adopt. This service allows you to promote a property that, at present, is in unsuitable conditions (undergoing renovation or too messy to be appreciated) and to give it a new face that allows buyers to notice its potential, brightness and the width of the space. 

Our renderings are high quality 3D images that emphasize the peculiarities and harmony of the spaces in a detailed and realistic way. The virtual tour will be shared free of charge via link on the main real estate platforms for 15 days, at the end of which it will be possible to renew it through discounted rates. Choosing this type of service allows professionals, with one  low figure, to obtain, with better communication and advertising with high quality standards, a faster and more advantageous sale, thanks to technology and a strong  communication strategy supported, on request, by a personalized book that tells the project and its peculiarities. 

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High quality renders and virtual experience: your 
allies for advertising

The statistics provided by the main real estate trading platforms outline the qualitative characteristics that an ad must meet in order to have greater impact and prominence within the portals themselves: numerous and high-quality images, videos and virtual tours are the best allies for obtain advertising that manages to have a high number of visits and direct feedback and an increase of 20 or more percentage points on quality - and consequently on visibility. 


Insert the link and start your virtual experience

You will receive a digital book containing the renderings, downloadable and shareable, and the link with the virtual tour. It will be sufficient to copy and paste the link when inserting a new advertisement on your website or on the reference portal -, Idealista, etc. - in the section dedicated to Virtual Tours. The link will remain active for 15 days on our Cloud, at the end of which it will be possible to renew it for the desired time and at discounted rates, by contacting us via email at by entering the order reference number. 

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Virtual and immersive experience

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Check the number of
users with weekly
detailed reports

Archiving on our Cloud allows easier and more agile sharing, but above all the possibility of elaborating detailed reports relating to the visualization of virtual tours. It is possible to obtain data such as: the number of visits, active users, the average viewing time, the country of origin of the users and the trend of the views in the time spent online. These data allow us to verify the effectiveness of the virtual experience and better define the property sales strategy.