What is HomeLab?


HomeLab is a high quality online interior design service at the service of real estate agencies and promoters, made up of research, accurate design and advanced technologies that return a detailed project that is attentive to current trends. We were born to bring the world of interior design and real estate closer to digital, providing users with a design concept that meets the needs of the market and buyers and that is tangible through a virtual experience that makes them participate in the potential of a property. .  



What are the advantages of HomeLab?


Compared to a traditional design and rendering service, we offer greater quality in the rendering of the project, from moodboards to layouts, and the use of the most advanced augmented reality technologies to best show the potential of a space. Speed is one of our strengths, which makes us a sure ally for fast, effective advertising that is attentive to the needs of future buyers.  


How does it work?


First, you need to select a style from those available on the page  Collections . L and our collections represent the most popular styles and the most widely used in recent years, are continuously being renovated and updated and we are constantly looking for new stylistic and spatial solutions.  Once the style has been chosen, proceed with the purchase of the floor, selecting Base, Light or Plus according to your needs and attaching the floor plan (or cadastral plan) complete with the measurements and, if necessary, some photos of the house. The more accurate the information and measurements provided, the closer the project will be to reality. For this purpose we have drawn up a Guide that will be useful for the correct annotation of the measures.  

Where are you operating?


We are a stone's throw from the Milan Cathedral, one of the most beautiful architectural works in northern Italy. By offering a totally online interior design service, thanks to technology we can overcome physical barriers and reach all over Italy and Europe.  

What is the difference between Base, Light and Plus?


1. The Base plan  allows you to quickly receive renders and the virtual tour of an empty space, enriched only by the finishes - floor, color or wall covering, fixtures, sanitary ware. The virtual tour link will also be shared free of charge on the main real estate platforms (Immobiliare.it, Idealista, etc.) for 15 days, at the end of which it will be possible to renew it through discounted rates. 

2. The Light plan  involves the drafting of a digital book (interactive .pdf) containing the moodboard of the project, with images  inspirational that reflect the concept, the layout of the apartment or room, the renderings - that is the photorealistic 3D images -, and the link for the virtual tour, through which it is possible to move between the rooms and see the details of the interior project design. This rate is ideal to allow potential buyers to identify more with the space and, through the furnishings, better understand the internal distribution and capacity of the rooms.

3. The Plus plan includes, in addition to the digital book of the Light plan, a Material List and a Furniture List, which contains all the information relating to the finishes and furnishings used in the interior design project. With this plan, you get a complete view of the design idea we have come up with and it is particularly suitable for new buildings or apartments that will undergo a complete renovation before sale.  

What happens once the plan is purchased?


After purchasing the plan, we will process the request and within approximately 2 working days we will send the order confirmation by email and from this moment the approximately 20 working days necessary for the drafting of the project will run. In the 2 days in which we will process the request, we will make sure that the attachments (floor plan and any images) have been correctly uploaded and that they contain all the necessary information and measurements. If not, we will contact you for any clarifications. At the end of the 15 working days, we will send the digital book in .pdf format containing all the material included in the selected plan to the email address provided when placing the order.  

What do you receive and how soon?


By purchasing the Base, Light or Plus plan within about 20 working days, necessary for the drafting of the interior design project, you will receive a digital book, or an interactive .pdf file, which can be opened with the classic .pdf reading programs (Adobe Acrobat Reader, Sumatra, PDF X-Change, Foxit Reader, Nitro Reader, etc.) containing everything included in the selected plan. Should there be any unexpected delays, we will promptly send an email notice.  

What does the Virtual Experience consist of?


To access the Virtual Experience just click on the link contained in the digital book - Virtual Tour section. This is a digital and 360 ° reading of the interior design project, with high quality images and photorealistic modeling of furnishings and finishes. The link, which can be visited from a PC or smartphone with internet access, contains buttons and tags that facilitate navigation between the rooms, allow you to zoom in and out and provide detailed information on the furnishings in the project. It is not necessary to install additional plug-ins to be able to view the virtual tour correctly: all you need is a browser and an internet connection.  

How is the order completed correctly?


1. Upload: in order to fill in the order correctly, it is mandatory to proceed with the insertion of Name, Surname and Email and the upload of the floor plan using the first button, with which it is possible to insert a .pdf file of one or more pages (up to 500 MB). The other two buttons can be used to upload other files, in .jpg format, which could be useful in the design phase (Example: photographs of a detail of the room, photos of the floor to be kept, photos of a furniture to be insert into the project). In this case, it is advisable to accompany the images with a brief explanation in the Additional Requests box.

2. Collection: it is necessary to select the collection chosen from those available to define the style with which the project will be realized. This field is required for the Light and Plus plans.

3. Main colors:  you can select a range of colors  between Light (shades close to white, slightly saturated, low contrast) or Dark (bright and intense colors, saturated, high contrast).

4. Budget:  it is essential to select an indicative value between Low, Medium and High, to direct the design towards a certain price range. Each band corresponds to a specific category of brands and companies, for example: for the Low value, Ikea, Maisons du Monde, H&M Home, Zara Home, La Redoute, and the like; for the Medium value, a mixed selection of low cost and medium-high range brands such as Muuto, Normann Copenhagen, Hay, Menu, Gubi; for the Alto value, a symbol of Italian design, such as Zanotta, Molteni, Cassina, Artemide, Agape, Minotti, Flos, but also international brands such as Vitra, Moooi, Mogg, Knoll and others. For more information, you can visit the Brand Selection page .

5. Type: it is mandatory to indicate the type of room for which you want to receive the project (eg kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom, single room).

6. Additional requests: it is possible to report specific requests regarding the project such as colors to avoid, existing furnishings or details to maintain, obstacles to the design, characteristics to be taken into consideration; it is useful to support requests by uploading explanatory images via the upload buttons.

If there are any problems during the compilation of the order or for further clarification, it is possible  contact us at hello@homelabmilano.com or via Chat, here in  bottom right.  

What if there were any special requests?


You can enter your special requests in the Additional Requests section when completing the order. The requests include: the possibility of maintaining certain finishes (for example, floor, tiles, fixtures) or furnishings, of which it is preferable to provide an image (.jpg format) attached to the order. If the requests are not included in the dedicated section or if it is necessary to attach more images, you can contact us at hello@homelabmilano.com within 5 days of purchase. Subsequent requests will not be taken into consideration.  

What information must be included in the plan to be sent when completing the order?


To correctly develop an interior design project, we need to receive a complete floor plan of the main measurements, i.e. the length of the sides, of the two main diagonals of each room (in case of an irregular perimeter) and the measurement of the height of the ceilings. To this information must be added the dimensions of the fixtures (doors and windows) and their location within the room, and the dimensions of any obstacles to the design (pillars, niches, protrusions, radiators, exposed systems, etc.). If the design of the kitchen or bathroom is required, it will be necessary to indicate on the map the position of the systems (the drains and the water and gas connections). You can write down all this information on the floor plan in a clear and legible way, and then scan it and attach it, when placing the order, in .pdf format. For further clarifications regarding the relief of the measures, we have drawn up one  Guide to relief , downloadable and printable: the more precise the measurements, the closer the project will be to the reality of space.

I don't have the floor plan available, what can I do?


No problem! You can draw the floor plan, reporting the perimeter and the measurements in a clear and legible way. The design does not need to be perfect: the important thing is to effectively communicate all the information necessary for the design. In the Survey Guide there are some images that will help in drawing up the plan and, for further clarifications, you can always contact us by email by writing to hello@homelabmilano.com or via Chat, which you find here at the bottom right, we will reply as soon as possible possible.  

Can you do the inspection and the survey?


Not at the moment. We are physically present only in the city of Milan, so we would not be able to satisfy everyone's requests. You can independently provide for the survey and the  measurements by following our Survey Guide . It is not important that the survey is perfect, but it must effectively communicate all the measures and information necessary for the design.  

Is it an architectural project?


No. We develop interior design projects, therefore interior design. An architectural project, usually, could also include the movement of walls and systems, operations that we cannot define, not being able to carry out a precise survey on the spot. If you plan to have these works carried out by a professional studio or company and to ask HomeLab for an interior project related to the new layout of the space, you can report it in the Additional Requests or on the floor plan that will be provided as an attachment and we we will elaborate the project according to the future arrangement.  

Will the 3D project be faithful to reality?


The fidelity of the project derives from two factors: the accuracy of the measurements provided when placing the order and the 3D modeling of the furnishings and finishes. If for the former we cannot guarantee, given that the drafting of the survey is totally entrusted to you, we can ensure that the 3D modeling - and therefore the renderings and the virtual tour - will be as faithful as possible to reality, limited to the availability of the individual models. and the 3D rendering of the smallest details. That said, the images and renderings are purely indicative and, having the sole purpose of illustration, they are not binding.

What are the brands selected for the project?


The selection of brands varies according to the Collection and the Budget indicated. E very price range corresponds to a specific category and brand companies, for example: for the Low value, Ikea, Maisons du Monde, H & M Home, Zara Home, La Redoute, and the like; for the Medium value, a mixed selection of low cost and medium-high range brands such as Muuto, Normann Copenhagen, Hay, Menu, Gubi; for the Alto value, a symbol of Italian design, such as Zanotta, Molteni, Cassina, Artemide, Agape, Minotti, Flos, but also international brands such as Vitra, Moooi, Mogg, Knoll and others. It is possible to indicate the budget when placing the order and, if necessary, to insert special requests, a piece of design, a brand or an object to be included in the project in the section dedicated to Additional Requests.  For more information, visit the Brand Selection page .

Is it possible to have a second option with a different Collection?


To have a second option, different from the one already purchased and with a different Collection, you will necessarily have to purchase a new plan - Light or Plus. By sending an email to hello@homelabmilano.com it will be possible to agree with us a discounted rate or a promo code from use for the new purchase of a second option.  

Do you design custom-made furniture and kitchens?


No. Not being able to physically carry out an accurate survey, with the measurement of lengths and angles to the millimeter, we cannot elaborate the project of custom-made furniture and kitchens. As for the kitchens, we will carry out a rough project with the measures that were provided to us when placing the order, but to correctly adapt our project to the space, it will be necessary to contact the kitchen retailer, who will refine our design. with a relief in place.  

How long is the link for the Virtual Tour valid?


The Virtual Tours are visible through a shareable link and remain archived on our Cloud for free for 15 days, so the link will be available for 15 days from the date of receipt of the project. After this period, the link will be deactivated. In order to extend the activation period, it is necessary to write an email to hello@homelabmilano.com to find out the tariff plan for the publication of the virtual tours.  

What payment methods are accepted?


We accept payments by Visa, MasterCard or PayPal.  

How to stay updated on the news of HomeLab Milano?


Sign up for our newsletter ! You will receive updates about our services and the news we have in mind to make HomeLab grow more and more. Design and research never stop, so it's best if you keep up!