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We are a young Milanese startup born from the need to digitize a sector that is not yet present online: interior design . We decided to turn to real estate professionals by offering a service through which it is possible to quickly obtain an interior design project, which can be shared through the  virtual tour , a tool that allows potential buyers to have a realistic view of the spaces and to better imagine the potential of the house.

We therefore joined forces to create a team of design professionals who could give shape to our interior idea in a clear and understandable way thanks to augmented reality and high quality 3D images, without sacrificing the taste of Italian, contemporary and contemporary design. '' accuracy of a functional and detailed project that can highlight the value of a property to obtain an effective and targeted sales strategy. 


Never ending quest for perfection and always on the lookout for original ideas.

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Communicate the full potential of a property with virtual technology.

With our online interior design service, you will receive, within 15/20 working days, a digital book containing the moodboards, floor plans and  renders of space, which  they will provide a general image of the project, and above all a shareable link containing the virtual tour that will allow you to "navigate" within the space. Furthermore, if by purchasing the Plus plan you will also have the shopping list of the furnishings and a technical specification of the finishes available.


Simple, quality, tech.





Home.Lab online experience

 No unexpected costs  

 Price guarantee

 Fast, intuitive, accessible online service

 15/20 working days for the delivery of your project


 Constant aesthetic research

Wide range of styles ​​



 Photorealistic 3D render

 Virtual and immersive experience ​​

Typical offline experience

 30% hike between first quote & final cost




 Long design process

 Over one month for project delivery

Little stylistic flexibility

 3D technology absent or obsolete

2D views