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2 D is an unnatural language for humans, 
We see everything in 3 D


HomeLab Milano creates the interior design of your home with your favorite style and transforms it into a virtual experience that allows you to view the complete project  and see all its potential thanks to technology and our photorealistic images.


We create an interior design project and a virtual experience for you. 

Discover everything you can achieve with our services, designed to meet your needs and give you a complete and detailed interior design project, without the costs of structural changes and with only the help of the furnishings, which you can create in total autonomy.

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Our strengths at your disposal to carry out a completely new project

We were born from the need to digitize a sector that is not yet present online: interior design. We offer a service through which you can view the project of your home quickly, without stress and with a virtual tour.

Constant aesthetic research

We always have our eyes open to the novelties of Italian and international design to offer you always new and original solutions.

Advanced technologies

We use the best technologies to offer photorealistic images and a high quality virtual experience.

Attention to detail

We create a detailed interior project, in line with your needs and requests, without sacrificing aesthetics and design.

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