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Our works and projects

Each project has its own peculiarities, difficult to show on paper, in two dimensions: thanks to the virtual reality technology it is possible to transform the two-dimensional design into three-dimensional space and see how the interior will transform the environments and make them more functional and coherent from the design point of view. 

In our projects we modify the spaces according to the needs, with only the help of the furnishings, without making architectural changes that would involve considerable additional costs. The elements that make up an interior design project must be studied to unite  functionality and aesthetics without sacrifice. 


An openspace apartment with a contemporary taste

The apartment consists of a main room of about 40 square meters in which the division into living area and bedroom has been defined, with full-height furniture. With this type of separation, the brightness and spatial continuity of the environment are not renounced and the view of the open space is avoided with a fixed obstacle, such as that of a wall. Thanks to this configuration, the large terrace gives all its light to the interior space, where the two functions - living room and bedroom - interact harmoniously. Through an arched opening, you pass from the living room to the corridor, from which you enter the bathroom, the closet with walk-in closet and laundry room and the kitchen. The bathroom is the only room that has different materials for the coverings, with an alternation of two colors: ice white for the walls, with the exception of the back wall of the shower, which has the same covering in shades of green as the floor. , thus creating continuity and the illusion of a greater depth of space. The kitchen, equipped with all the essentials, has apparently contrasting finishes, but harmoniously combined to create a soft and natural atmosphere, between the color of the bamboo wood and the rich facets of the marble-effect and concrete-effect coatings.


A modern and functional apartment in the heart of NoLo

The apartment opens into a large living area where the living area and the fully equipped kitchen with a contemporary taste coexist, which harmoniously welcomes the two skylights. Two large French windows allow access to the large terrace surrounded by greenery. From the living area you pass to a first service bathroom, very bright also thanks to the choice of white for the coverings, and to the hallway that leads to the two bedrooms and the second bathroom. The master bedroom has a large walk-in closet with private access, while the second bedroom features a comfortable custom-made wardrobe that occupies the wall opposite the bed. The second bathroom completes the sleeping area with a touch of green.